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How to make a PERFECT Lobster Roll


This is not a "recipe" per se but simply a rundown on the two basic ways we "Maine-ahs" prepare lobster rolls. The first way (aka the "Red's Eats" way) is simply buttering and pan-toasting your hot dog roll, stuffing it full of lobster and drizzling melted butter on it. Some prefer this method, but to each his or her own.

Here's my way: I put enough lobster meat in a bowl for 3-4 lobster rolls (meat from 2 "chick" lobsters or 1 1/4 pounders should do). I put a little chopped celery in. I like the texture and the flavor of a little celery, some purists would faint. Dice it very fine though; you want a little flavor and a little "background" crunch, and the celery will "compete" wtih the lobster if it's cut too big. Try it both ways. I put the tiniest amount of mayo in and mix it up. Usually a half a teaspoon does it. JUST enough to coat it. Then I toast my buns, stuff em' and I'm in heaven!

A recent contributor, Judy Navelski, adds:
I like butter only on hot lobster. (MeLobster concurs) If I am having a lobster roll, I want mayo. The hot butter tends to make the roll soggy. Also, cut up the lobster to more bite size pieces. Having a whole claw on top doesn't cut it. Not for easy eating anyway. use some of the water inside the claw to thin the mayo. Hellman's or Best or Trader Joe's. This helps intensify the lobster flavor. Let the mayo and lobster juice sit for awhile. Or mix it with the lobster and let that marinate in the fridge. If you are adding celery, you have the benefit of the lobster flavor wrapped around each piece. Also helps with adding less mayo.

I would add to this that if you're thinking of ordering a lobster roll at a restaurant, ask if it's all claw meat or if they add some tail. Personally, I think it's insulting to serve a lobster roll with just tail and body meat. Tail meat is an entirely different texture and adds chewiness and character to the roll. Another thing is that I don't want any rolls other than the traditional "hotdog" roll. It has a mild bread taste that doesn't overpower the lobster like a sourdough roll or something else frequently used in hotels.

So good mayo, toasted hot dog roll, celery optional, and for heaven's sake, don't forget to grab a little piece o' tail!

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