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How to eat Maine Lobster!

How do you eat a Maine Lobster? Well... there are as many correct answers to that question as there are experienced Lobster eaters. But if you need a little help, the steps below will ease you through the process. Even the experienced Lobster veteran may learn something here. Ready for your lesson? Let's begin!

Part A -- The Claws:

How to eat the claws: Step 1
 1. Twist off the claws so that they break off at the end where the "arms" connect to the body. FYI: The larger of the 2 claws is called the "crusher claw," the smaller is called the "tearing claw." We don't have any suggestions about which one to eat first; we do strongly recommend, however, that you eat them both!

How to eat the claws: Step 2 2. Bend the "arms" back to separate them from the main (pincher) part of the claws. Crack open the segments to get the tasty morsels out of these small parts. (Cracking open the parts of the shell can be acheived using one or more of the following: Nutcracker, pliers, knife, hammer, rock, whatever else looks like it might work.)

How to eat the claws: Step 3 3. Pull the small section of the claw back until it separates from the larger section. Sometimes, the meat in this section comes loose when the claw separates. Otherwise, you'll have to pry the meat out of the small section of the claw using one tine of a fork.

How to eat the claws: Step 4 4. Break off the tip of the remaining (larger) section of the claw. Make sure to break it off far enough down to be able to insert a finger in the resulting hole. (Examine your fingers for a more precise measurement.)

How to eat the claws: Step 5 5. Carefully (We wouldn't want you to hurt yourself) stick a finger into the hole you just made to push the meat out of the other end.

Congratulations! You got through the claws, the part of the Lobster that about 1/2 the Lobster-eaters we know consider to be their favorite part. Let's move to the part that the other 1/2 claims is best.


Part B -- The Tail:

How to eat the tail: Step 1 1. Gently bend the tail back until it separates from the body. It's important to be gentle here, because the body contains a lot of excess water. Bending the tail back with all your might is likely to cause Lobster juice to spray all over yourself or your friends. (In some circles, this is considered impolite.)

How to eat the tail: Step 2 2. Bend the flippers back to remove them from the tail. (Again, be gentle to avoid spraying. See Part B -- The Tail: Section 1) By the way, the flippers contain little tiny pieces of tasty meat; an added bonus for those who don't mind a little extra work.

How to eat the tail: Step 3 3. Stick a finger through the hole where the flippers used to be to push the tail meat out the other end. Sometimes, it's necessary to break some of the "ribs" on the underside of the tail to make this possible.

How to eat the tail: Step 4 4. Peel back the top of the tail. This section is quite tasty, and removing it exposes the long "vein" that runs the length of the tail. This is very important: That long "vein" should be removed before eating the rest of the tail meat. Why is that so important? Because that's not really a "vein" at all! It's the Lobster's digestive tract. (Get the picture?)

Ok, that's as much of the Lobster as some people eat. True hardcore Lobster lovers will tell you, though, that there's a lot of edible parts you still haven't touched. If you got this far, and your still craving more delicious Maine Lobster, what follows is a list of your remaining options, in order of popularity.

Part C -- The Rest of the Lobster:

How to eat the legs.
1. The Legs -- Break the legs away from the body, then break off the other end (the part that looks like little mini-claws). Stick one end of the leg in your mouth and suck the meat out in much the same way that you might suck on a straw sticking out of a frozen Strawberry Daquiri. In fact, some people claim that alternating Lobster legs with sips off a Strawberry Daquiri enhances the experience (but they're not the kind of people that we take very seriously).

How to eat the body. 2. The Body -- Pulling the red shell off of the back of the body reveals small chunks of meat. How much meat varies greatly from Lobster to Lobster, but hardcore Lobster enthusiasts say that it's worth the effort. Take a look and decide for yourself.

How to eat the rest of the Lobster.
3. Miscellaneous -- There is more that you'll encounter inside a Lobster's shell; some of it's edible, some of it's not. Way up in the front of the body (behind the eyes) you might see a little black ball. That's the Lobster's brain. Edible? No. The gills are also not edible. The green stuff is called "tomalley" (or "tomale") and some people consider it a delicacy. In female Lobsters, sometimes you find an orange substance called "roe." These are unfertilized eggs, and some people say that they're delicious.

Well... That's it. We hope you learned something here to help enhance your Lobster dining experience. If we left anything out, be sure to let us know. And above all... Enjoy your Lobster!!!

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